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This rare photo of Japanese performer/composer, Adachi Tomomi I took at a small performance that was held at the New York "SHARE", a weekly open multimedia jam & community for portable performers. Adachi is a great abstract performer with talent that holds no boundaries, he's super nice, kind and an excellent person to talk with and he insists that you play the Tomoring II. It's a blast to jam on and hear cranked up, total awesome!
Adachi Tomomi
Hear Adachi demo the Tomoring II
This rare photo was taken at a performance at "Loud Objects" a place where people are able to watch performers play in a relaxed setting of sofas and wild art. Peter Edwards, Casper Electronics tunes in.
Dann gazing Eric's circuit beat gear. I took a class Dann tough and he is a real nice KOOL guy, builds real wild sounding & interesting devices and Euro rack gear that function around AVR microcontrollers.
Dann Green
I attended his class to build the "Voice of Satern" kit, real fun guy to talk with and he can pump out one wicked jam~~!!
Travis Thacher
Xavier Gazon and Caroline Dehareng preping for a night show at BentFest 2010. They performed like a well tuned machine, were real professional and tight on stage. Great pop sounding tunes with full beat bent out backgrounds.
Playboys Bend
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