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Benjolin Light Bender Synth:
I was lucky enough to be able to see the 2010 Bentfest in Brooklyn, NY and attend a lectured workshop tough by Peter Edwards, Casper Electronics on the subject of the Benjolin circuit. You can only obtain a Bonjolin kit by attending a workshop and purchasing one to built. There was one Benjolin kit left over after class and I offered to purchase it.
What's better then one Benjolin of course two!! After much experimenting and burning up a few 9 volt batteries. I needed a new way to supply the power and quickly called Peter for help. Casper Electronics built a most outstanding portable wild Benjolin Light Bender Synth that I can now plug in a wall socket!!
* 2 Course tune oscillator adjustment controls
* 2 Fine tune oscillator adjustment controls
* Oscillator rate indication LEDs
* Jacks for all of the outputs and inputs
* Adjustment controls for the inputs of the VCOs and VCF
* Rungle clock input jack
* Four channel mixer for mixing the two Benjolin signals as well as two other signals (like the XORs or straight VCO signals)
* Switching bi-polar power supply
* Banana to 1/4
Benjolin Light Bender         Benjolin Light Bender
Benjolin Light Bender         Benjolin Light Bender
Benjolin Light Synth showing black "spin" knobs and clear plexiglass top.
Benjolin Light Orb
Benjolin Light Orb showing re-design of "road worthy" orb fitting.
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