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Circuit Bent Toys:
Bleep Box X2 - A two LED operated photo sensor sound generator and synth. Lots of added switches and all packed in a tight medical readout enclosure. Features: Speed/pitch controls, flashing in time bendable LED feelers, day/night photo switching mod, audio input & output jacks, 5 dancing red LEDs w/12 switchable patterns, tri-LED w/22 color switching patterns. Both LED flashing color light features trigger off the big joy stick buttons and a small speaker.
Bleep Box X2
Mondo - Keychain 8 sound blaster, has spring trigger, speed/pitch control, flashing LEDs in head and a small speaker.
Tomato Theremin - Hand held with copper grounding strip, color changing interior LED lights and a small speaker.
Tomato Theremin
Space Gun Bunny - Space gun blaster guts mounted in to a child's sipping drinking glass, speed/pitch control that flashes the red LED flasher in the bunny's head and a small speaker.
Space Gun Bunny
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