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"Dub Crusher"
The "Dub Crusher" is an easy to build kit that will teach you the very basic understanding of circuit bending.
Here is a short video showing you some of the sounds the "Dub Crusher" kit can produce after it has been assembled "Dub Crusher video"
What is Circuit Bending?
It's education through exploration. Circuit Bending is the art of modifying existing electronics, usually children's toys, guitar effects, inexpensive battery-powered musical instruments, etc. to create unique musical instruments. By adding additional electronic components, wire patches, switches, contact points, photo sensors, potentiometer... to control new connections within the device's pre-existing circuitry you can achieve higher interactive experimental levels of new voices.
Learning the Basics
Clock bending is a very common circuit bend that can be done to just about any battery operated toy. A clock bend involves finding the resistor that is in charge of keeping the speed for the clock constant, removing it and replacing it with a veritable resistor that you can control. You will then be able to adjust the speed of the clock hence changing the pitch of the sound lower or higher. A veritable resistor can be a potentiometer, photo sensor or body contacts (using the human body).
Dub Crusher Kit
The "Dub Crusher" kit will teach you this simple circuit bend and the theory behind it. Build time is approximately 5-6 hours. Everything is included in the kit except the batteries and the tools needed to build it. The easy to follow instructions are online!
Dub Crusher KitDub Crusher Kit
Parts Included
Toy keyboard - built with 8 super guitar jamming beat keys
1M & 10M potentiometers
220K & 10ohm resistors
3 Miniature SPDT toggle switch
1/8" output jack
Two body contacts
2 knobs, different colors
LED and holder
1M Photo sensor and holder
Hook up wire
Dub Crusher Keyboard
Dub Crusher Keyboard Side View
Decorated Finished Kit
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